We have an obligation to carry on the legacy of those who came before


and pass their legacy on to future generations

Christians, Jews, and Muslims all recognize the values and mores of 2 stone slabs. Ten laws having the principles creating a starting point for humanity and jurisprudence.

These United States strive for Greco-Roman Goddess Justitia Themis model and has come close to achieving that mission, with room for improvements. Since the beginning of humanity we all seek just actions.

Founded on the Constitution of what to do, and the Declaration of Independence of what not to do, this country has achieved a golden age and continues to strive for Justice and Humanity.

Guan Gong – Martial virtue, Taoism philosophy includes aiding those who cannot fend for themselves; helping common people. Other properties are loyalty, honor, justice, courage and integrity.

This Ming Dynasty crystal statue represents what is within us – a reflection known as Guan Yin. Guan Yin listens for sounds and cries for patience and wisdom guiding us — instead of emotion; true compassion. Buddhist goddess (bodhisattava) of mercy and compassion.



Speaking at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City


Special Olympics, Brockport, NY


My definition of humanity is to make each other’s lives contain the least pain

and most pleasant earthly journey.


When One Lets Go of the Tail…

…Tiger Eats You!


Fiji Tiger Shark Eating Tuna

More are Eaten by Human Sharks in NY!


Take what we need to live better than our ancestors


certainly make sure the next generation is better off than ours